Sitemap - 2023 - Tilting At Windmills

The left hates success, and this illustrates it

More reason to hate Nickleback

Study finds what we already knew

This is why you don't hate the media enough

Women can do anything except think for themselves

White supremacy is getting remarkably diverse

Colorado Supreme Court handed Trump an early Christmas present

Sanders needs to understand real minimum wage is zero

What the right needs to learn about entertainment

When activism is fatal

This is just what the left does

The unawareness of awareness

Another example of why 'equity' is evil

Can the New York Times be salvaged?

'Woke' creating anti-LGBT backlash

Remember, they're the good guys here

Biden needs to be educated on education

Gone with the wind

Harvard is so pro-free speech they canceled critic's talk

The AP thinks you're too stupid to know how good you've got it

Why university presidents should be dropping like flies

Lies, damned lies, and teachers unions

It's time for a "trad life" wake-up

The only real way to combat racism, sexism, homophobia, and everything else

Federal court will decide if Fed's bank heist is legal

Yes, we need to fight back against government's propaganda efforts

The double standards of entertainment

The racism of a leading anti-racist

An interesting look at who raises more well-adjusted kids

Don't care, still racist

This might be why so many young people embrace socialism

How is this even a thing?

THIS is election interference

Senators are opening a can of worms they really don't want to open

Oh, well that ought to do it

Oh how the mighty have fallen

Steaks and cold, dead hands

Why one shouldn't just trust the "science"

Bidenomics, baby!

For Democrats, everything is a monopoly

UN seeks to undermine basic freedom of speech

Cyber Monday sale on subscriptions

Woke Disney might be waking up

Media Matters may well be screwed

If the withdrawal from Afghanistan wasn't enough of a fiasco

We don't really know what's bothering us, apparently

Trans Day of Remembrance comments bring up interesting numbers

Disney's descent into obscurity

Biden's Thanksgiving misfire

Anheuser-Busch fallout still coming down

Women's sports is a dystopian nightmare

Beware the FCC

A strange sort of consistency

The loss of hope

Nikki Haley wants to make it easier for leftist mobs

Meat, masculinity, and manipulation

Teachers union head gets it all wrong on why parents are moving to homeschooling

Nothing about this is surprising

The problems with government monitoring our driving

Oh, NOW they get it

The outrage of influencers

The elites will never pay

The more we look, the worse it gets

Why some are really mad at Mr. Beast

This is why the Bill of Rights exists

Making the same old mistakes in the newest ways

Is academia turning on CRT?

Stop lying about the benefits of public education

This is why separation of the sexes is a thing in sports

How the feds are going to keep you literally in the dark

This is why no one should take the UN seriously

Another example of how the 'woke' mindvirus is hurting Marvel

On flavors of extremism

So pro-choice only matters when they approve of the choice

Don't get alarmed over vague terms you aren't meant to understand

The 'battle of the sexes' was never meant to be that literal

When even Harvard has had enough

This is why parents need to be active in children's upbringing

Academy Award-winning singer and "pretendian" outted

Kansas school system pulls sexually-explicit "health" textbook

Is UFC deal a sign that Bud Light has surrendered?

Is Georgia Lt. Governor's plan to pay teachers more to carry guns a good idea?

This is what collegiate indoctrination looks like

Streamers urged to offer "disclaimer" for dumbest of reasons

Personal info should remain personal

Sounds like bad news for Russia

The left continues to rip itself apart

UNLV group apologizes after doing nothing wrong

Even celebrities are lashing out at pro-Hamas efforts

Former DEI director lays down reality on DEI

With "logic" like this...

Victoria's Secret offers a lesson for others

Showing the world who they really are

How little our rights matter to some

Even the trades aren't safe anymore

How the university tables have turned

US should be more picky about where its money goes

Why government should stay out of the fact-checking business

The slippery slope on hate speech

Funny how the way to save democracy are all leftwing talking points

The wrong people are turning on free speech

The unhinged reality of some people's children

Oh, NOW there's a problem at Harvard

Don't let them lie about Gaza

The real problem with anti-racism

Will the FBI interfere with 2024 election?

Is there a conflict of rights?

Please stop helping us into ruin

Capitalism isn't to blame for people being meaner

This is what happens when people think the world revolves around them

It should never have come to this

Not the actions of an enlightened society

The "soft bigotry" looks to be getting much harder

Can higher education be saved?

Some need a lesson on wage reality

Who is to blame for "two-parent privilege" anyway

Taking Robert Reich to school on school choice

The epitome of pathetic

No, Gen Z is not alright

These fisherman have a point about government going too far

Question for Sen. Bob Menendez about that cash...

When alienation and persecution is the point

If not for double standards, they'd have none at all

Democrats say they value people's rights, but here's evidence they don't

In loco parentis

The wages of race-baiting

You can't provide an answer if you don't understand the question

A rough week for free speech

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

When negative press means the right thing

Politicians taking wrong lessons from grocery store difficulties

CDC actually thinks it can regain trust

Oberlin fires coach for totally mainstream opinion

Troop placement isn't aggressive when it's inside our own borders

Behold the glory of Bidenomics

Yes, lawmakers should stop protecting people from themselves

Brazen act from Biden administration tells you plenty

Yeah, about that supposed book banning?

A big problem is brewing and no one seems to see it

But the government has our best interests at heart

University reportedly retaliated against student who reported anti-semitic professor

NYC public schools boot local kids for illegal immigrants

Bill meant to save media would hurt new media more

Sectary of Energy gets wakeup call on electric vehicles

How reporters lie with facts

Highland Park, IL thinks it can simulate poverty. They can't

Why a Harvard degree should be meaningless

Expert's critique of DEI in his field applies elsewhere

Yet another reason to take issue with climate science

Why donor privacy matters, and why it's under attack

Cars are racist now

Apparently, democracy only dies in some darkness

Clearly, leftist ideology turns brains to mush

Leftist women want to turn off guys from the right. I say let 'em

The nature of the mob

Just why kid was booted from class over Gadsden Flag

The cult of victimhood

Who watches the watchmen on speech?

University of Alabama dean: Identity politics is reason for university

Arrested for criticizing cops? So much for that First Amendment thing

About those paper straws...

The Biden administration just can't help themselves

Gender studies professor labels Ozempic hype as 'fatphobic'

Folks are going to be disappointed about those electric vehicle sales targets

Obeying authority can be hazardous to your health

The brutal murder of free speech

Some bans are more equal than others

University of San Diego needs a lesson in free speech

Your body, your choice...unless you choose wrong

Where California goes way too far

Traveling with electric vehicles a non-starter, apparently

Eschewing conventional beauty standards is fine, but don't complain later

Americans less than impressed with DOJ investigation of Hunter Biden

Looking back at Inflation Reduction Act

Evil white people

One-way racism

More of why trust in institutions is a thing of the past

The terrifying reality behind Code Pink

Many lost during pandemic, but Fauci and others made bank

School attendance crisis another outcome of pandemic policies

Distrust the science

How Biden's electric car push is biting him in the butt

Thieves of joy

Welcome to the banana republic

When idealism runs into the brick wall of reality

Reality check: No one is going to ask your pronouns

For the love of God, not everything is racist

If you like it, Biden is going to try to ban it

People need to stop pretending Pride flag is apolitical

How government interference mucked up housing costs

There ought to be a law

California docs sue over mandated bias training

Leftists increasing want to replace Constitution

Behold the nanny state

Insane proposal for military recruiting issue: A new draft

The unhinged nature of leftist dogma

DeSantis promise should be a basic GOP position

Huh. Never thought I'd actually see an academic get fired for lying

This is why governments can't be trusted to regulate "misinformation"

Biden DOJ seems to keep trying to cover for Hunter

Leftist outrage over Jason Aldean's song isn't because of 'lynching' but something else

Proposed Biden administration rule would hurt people in disaster zones

How you know the legacy media is dead

Feds shouldn't be permitted to bypass the Constitution

How equity in education means holding everyone back

Climate expert might be right about the goal behind electric cars

A growing problem with pronouns

Recent court ruling good news for press critics

First-world problems

With the government, no one is safe

New Rhode Island law nothing but a "screw you" to freelancers

Unsold electric vehicles piling up

New Republic acknowledges the media is biased, but that's where things go wonky

This is why no one should just "trust the science"

Democrat dark money group may be in some hot water

Insane number of students identify at LGBT at top university

Mean Old Uncle Joe

The insanity of the extreme trans position

We need to talk...

Yet another reason to oppose minimum wage

The color of insanity is green

Biden's Hunter problem is very real

Judge smacks down government intimidation-based censorship

They/them pronouns not helpful on resumes, according to study

Reparations rep engages in racist rant against white people

The failing promise of America

Academic freedom is a one-way street

Leftist fragility

News directors at TV station ousted for actual journalism

Supreme Court delivers big win for free expression

This is why reparations will never happen

SCOTUS makes the right call on affirmative action

Sweden backing away from 'green' energy

Now the English language is white supremacy

Understanding the impact of supposedly good intentions

IRS whistleblower's boss confirms claims

NYC mayor does what he blasted Republicans for doing

Adam Kinzinger admits Patriot Front are feds?

This is not how you make people cool with drag

IRS being weaponized in more ways than one

Evidence against elder Biden mounts

Why I think there's no way back from a violent future

This is why people are losing trust in the media

Invite your friends to read Tilting At Windmills

Is Disney about to enter a less woke era?

Why Illinois is blowing it on EV charging requirement

Hunter Biden's deal is a slap in the face

Student berated for telling another they aren't actually a cat

Teachers trading tips on transitioning trans tots and teens

Backlash to extreme feminism ultimately going too far

When it comes to comedy, the real jokes are governments

A return of the temperance movement? Calling alcohol 'woke' sure looks like it

Why revelations about fact-checker bias matters

More to middle school Pride issue than we thought

White House trying to gaslight us on inflation

Massachusetts middle schoolers lash out at Pride celebration

This is why you should be wary of smart homes

Zero carbon goals can lead to idiotic decision

The inevitable result of tearing down masculinity

National Geographic's hypocrisy on full display

Announcing a new project

Oxford's new pronoun rule beyond idiotic, and not just because it exists

CNN CEO's leaving signals something important about the network

The unhinged nature of moving the goalposts on race

Illinois new anti-gun effort not even hiding it's intent

The death of debate

If you didn't already believe identity politics had gone full stupid, this should convince you

Nearly a third of Gen Z thinks privacy shouldn't exist

Majority of Americans want FBI problems addressed

Disney's "defiance" of Don't Say Gay is nothing of the sort

Kansas records prove teacher's claims of woke education

Unilateral power is only bad when it's the other guy

An interesting quirk of trans celebration

How Bud Light backlash should terrify publicly traded companies

The racist nature of academia's anti-racist effort

How you know what BLM really stands for

McCarthy's job as speaker in trouble

NY Times writer's vile argument against family film

Arizona State's attempt to silence student fails

Memorial Day in a corrupted land

Two sides of the leftist coin

Biden spends billion for busted busses

Lawmakers propose federal agency to regulate internet

The negative environmental impact of solar power

Why no one will learn the lessons from "Citi Bike Karen" fiasco

Michigan State prof demanded leftist tribute from students

The new aristocracy

Former San Fran teacher acknowledges kids taught to be offended

Canadian's ready to kill the homeless?

White theater patrons told not to come to play targeting black audiences

FBI targeted whistleblowers. Burn it all down

DEI and anti-semitism

The paradox of racism

Inslee prefers pedophiles over others

Government, media, and the loss of faith therein

CEO of OpenAI doesn't like competition

Heads should roll. Literally

"Speaking your truth" only matters when it's the approved truth

Seattle-area official defends nomination sex offender to committee

The Future Should Be Nuclear

Different rules for different people isn't justice

In San Francisco, irony can be fatal

Federal law enforcement just straight out lawless

Ireland "hate speech" measure literal ThoughtCrime

The real reason Newsom doesn't back reparations proposal

In a city of meaningless platitudes, the idea of a "debt ceiling" is the dumbest

Bernie's galaxy-brained plan to wreck the economy

So much for electric vehicle sales

"Equitable grading" a trainwreck in the making

Free exercise of religion...unless there are candles

Apparently, segregation is good

NYC mayor not happy with AOC right now

Restaurant that sang anthem not changing a thing

The Law of Unintended Consequences waits for no one

Is the Navy trying to sink itself?

Teacher exposes "diversity training" in a red state

Why SPLC's days may well be numbered

LGBT histrionics not really helping their cause

The epitome of privilege

When the left has lost Tim Robbins...

This is why we can't have nice things

Virginia lawmakers degrade parents in hot mic incident

Colorado making the right move for once

San Francisco finds out red America doesn't need them

MNBC's partisan support for Biden is ridiculous

More woke professors retract racism study

The unhinged reality of modern environmentalism is, well, unhinged

Biden tips his hand in comments about parents and children

Unequal before the law

University backtracks on blatantly anti-white question

Biden's new rule on housing loans only rewards bad behavior

Lawmaker's threat against Matt Taibbi represents assault on free speech

"White man" isn't an argument, so knock it off

Sowing the seeds of one's own destruction

How accusations of racism help actual racism

Psaki takes heat for not interviewing Republicans from unlikely source

Academic looking into "gender wars" screwed over by university

Turns out there was disinfo on Hunter Biden laptop story

The lost promise of Substack?

What we can learn from Elon Musk's BBC interview

Anheuser-Busch claiming no senior personnel approved Mulvaney partnership

Cancel culture and the bad behavior of genius

FSU professor in hot water after faking data for racism studies

The political plantation is very real, and Hakeem Jefferies makes it obvious

New auto industry rules a disaster in the making

Biden had bigger role in Trump raid than claimed

Yet another reason to kill affirmative action

Bud Light bleeding after rolling woke

So, apparently, I'm an extremist

Still more pushback against the wokeness in academia

Join my new subscriber chat

Amazon learned the wrong lesson

Riley Gaines shows just how tolerant the left really is

Ivy League school gets it right for once

NPR right to be upset over Twitter label, but not for the reason they think

Why I can't believe "no one is above the law" arguments

Why it's good there's a defamation case against the SPLC

This is why school choice is gaining popularity

Something is happening in movies. Will Hollywood get the message

Why Canadian "trans" powerlifter's point is so important

National Review misses the mark in comments about Nashville shooter

Georgetown tried to gaslight COVID skeptic

One case where the government got it right, but fixed that mistake

Something stinks in VA/DCCC relationship

University of Missouri nixes diversity statements

TV anchor fired for quoting Snoop Dogg?

Professor who argued for murdering speakers suspended

Why "digital blackface" is not a thing

NPR thinks there's insufficient evidence for biology

Here's why SCOTUS needs to act on qualified immunity

How government is at least partially responsible for Adderall shortage

Stanford Law student protestors need lesson in First Amendment

Segregation back with 5 graduation ceremonies at university

Black parent blasts school board for lowering standards in name of diversity

The woke made their bed, we're just making them lie in it

White people are so racist, they expect black folks to carry out their 'hate crimes'

Canadian "healthcare" essentially excuses literal murder now

Media bias and campus chaos

AP fact check on gas stoves ages like fish on a dashboard in summer

Why Dove Soap tried to cross sword with Brendan Fraser

Damn white people and their...organized pantries?

It's grandstanding, but it should be common sense

Socialists are almost cute when they misrepresent socialism

Vermont schools send mixed signals on free speech

Newark makes hilarious mistake

And this is why public education is doomed

Leftist actor acknowledges anti-Christian bias in Hollywood

Welcome to the banana republic

Large number of trans kids are actually autistic?

Biden administration continues war on freelancers

Free speech win in Massachusetts shouldn't have been needed

We are the enemy

DePaul students want discrimination over "discrimination"

Why school choice won't get here fast enough

How you eat chicken is now racist?

NY Times can't bring themselves to admit truth about inflation

AOC's begging may land her in hot water, but probably won't

Even if both sides do it, it's a bad idea

This is why the pronoun thing is such an issue

A world free from sin

Some curious facts surround "debunk" of trans clinic criticism

Yet another way the government screws over the middle class

How trans movement is really undermining feminism

Department's civil asset forfeiture efforts get a taste of their own medicine

Those 9,000 unused oil drilling permits? About those...

An interesting quirk about diversity roles at corporations

Privilege princess lectures Chinese immigrant on oppression

How taxes might be making the poor suffer more

Rand Paul blasted for saying what now appears to be true

Despite White House rhetoric, inflation still rising

The stupid was too much for Dahl publisher

How modern education is hurting students

Everything is stupid and it's only getting stupider

It's only stochastic terrorism when the right does it

Why Florida is on the right path with new bill

Harrison Bergeron was a warning, not an instruction manual

A historic lesson on why government should be restrained

Remember when offending readers was a good thing?

Another "conspiracy theory" about COVID turns out to be true

Something interesting happening at Christian college

It only matters when it happens to their guys

Harvard law journal: Screw your privacy

Anti-white racism is a thing, and this should prove it

Hogwarts Legacy illustrates woke impotence

Electric vehicles not working out as buyers thought

Entitled employees and disinformation shenanigans

Response to entitled twit complaining that job doesn't care about them

Disinformation claims are just battlespace prep (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Chinese economics and abusive, nutjob professors

Are anti-Chinese economics even feasible?

Professor calls student racist over wearing school mascot (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Idris Elba rocks and school choice matters

Idris Elba kind of nails it on race discussion

Why school choice matters (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Airbnb and now everyone's LGBT+ now

Airbnb bans Lauren Southern's PARENTS

Tik Tok exec shows everyone's LGBT+ now (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Problems with education, from lower grades to universities

A look at just how bad left our universities have fallen

Understanding the teachers' unions' role in education (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

It's Bozo the Clown's world. We're just living in it

LA Time editorial delusional about fossil fuels

It's a miracle we haven't been invaded (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Climate change and missing white women

Stop punishing kids to feel better about climate change

Thoughts on 'Missing White Woman Syndrome' (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Electric cars fall short and so does the NIH

Why did NIH study seemingly vanish?

Electric cars have bigger issues than previously believed (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

When the media is objective and when the media decides not to be

Media objectivity to be pushed aside in name of diversity

White House official can't spin CNN of all people (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

1619 Project sinks and racist chemistry

Reviewers have entirely predictable response to 1619 Project on Hulu

Now chemistry is racist? (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Political retribution and racism denialism

Professor creates "guide" to handle racism "deniers"

Doctor, former candidate targeted for political purposes (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Newsom smacked and FDA irrelevance

FDA illustrates its own irrelevance

Newsom hammered for misinformation measure

Weekly Wrap-Up for 1/27

Silly actors and the decline of freedom

Reveling in pretend poverty is still "showing off"

Land of the free? Sure, as long as you're talking past tense (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Pay gaps and media shenanigans

It's time to acknowledge truth about "gender pay gap"

Many have high hopes for new NBC News boss (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Stupid abounds here, there, and apparently everywhere

Blood is on the unvaccinated's hands? Hardly

Now white supremacy is responsible for climate change (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Actual green energy and white (power) paint

Big step forward for green energy. An ACTUAL step forward

These days, even paint is racist (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Weekly Wrap-Up for 1/21

Asses abound, both in protesting and in astrophysics

Astrophysicist says her field is "steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy"

Please, do continue to be an ass for your cause (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Ridiculousness, both environmental and academic

Carbon Offsets: 21st Century indulgences

University right to back off on islamophobia accusation (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Transportation flops and retail does too

Retail sales for December bad news for economy

We knew Buttigieg wasn't qualified. Now he's proven it (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Today: Bad ideas, both big and small

Addressing issues with China isn't anti-Asian racism

The myth of pre-capitalism bliss (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Jesus Saves but the Consumer Product Safety Council doesn't

It won't stop with gas stoves

Free speech for me, but not for thee (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Weekly wrap-up for 1/15

Socialism vs. get-rich-quick and New York's latest gun dance with SCOTUS

Socialism: The flipside of get-rich-quick schemes

SCOTUS declines to stay NY concealed carry law, but only for now (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Bad science journalism and public education indoctrination

Real concerns over New Jersey's latest "misinformation" effort

On gas ranges, bad science, and the sad state of science journalism (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Academic freedom and White House shenanigans

'Academic freedom' is a one-way street

White House's efforts to throttle Tucker's reach insane (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Cancel culture and 2016's lack of shenanigans

It's time to stop blaming Russia for 2016 election

Don't try to say cancel culture doesn't exist after this (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Florida trolling and BBC upheaval

Controversy within BBC over pro-trans efforts

The beauty of Ron DeSantis trolling the left (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Weekly wrap-up for 1/6

California nightmares and double standards, and not related, believe it or not

How government makes everything worse

So criminals are really black, but black conservatives aren't? (Paid Subscribers Only)

More school shenanigans abound

Virginia AG to investigate school withholding awards

Teacher's Unions and the hypocrisy of American education (Paid Subscribers Only)

Lies, shills, and American culture

NAACP fumbled its credibility completely

Another "pretendian" and the claims of white privilege (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Media and obesity advocates all showing their butts

Enough with "fatphobia"

Why the media has no credibility anymore