Sitemap - 2022 - Tilting At Windmills

Online mobs and a chance for the Supreme Court

This shouldn't be coming before the Supreme Court

Online mob shows why we can't have nice things (For Paid Subscribers)

Upset students and globe-trotting paperwork

School attendance correlates to what now?

While we suffer, omnibus bill gets trip to Virgin Islands (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Academia has sure gone wild this week

Academic shenanigans surround medieval manuscripts

Professor: Brittney Griner a victim of 'low regard for women's sports'

Schools have issues. A lot of issues, apparently

Sexual orientation law impacts freedom of religion

High school students experience the evils of 'equity' (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Academic unfreedom and welfare recipients making bank

The welfare state has gotten even more insane

The misguided values of academia (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Weekly wrap-up for 12/24

Lies, damn lies, and rock-and-roll

Gun control gets underhanded with the courts

Rock band's inner struggles reflective of nation as a whole (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Canceling music and teachers because of the stupid infection

North Carolina teacher fired for stating harsh truth

Nearly 50-year-old Christmas song now racist (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Seeing the light and the darkness

Your tax dollars at work

When even a member of the Hollywood crowd can see it... (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Hate crime hoaxes and people prosecuted for doing what the government should have

No one should be convicted for solving a problem the government refused to address

Washington hate crime hoax bad news for marginalized communities (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Avoiding debate and police department is getting sued for good reason

Mom sues after police arrest her for leaving kid home alone

Washington University diversity lecturer won't debate "systemic oppression" (Paid Subscriber Exclusive)

Weekly wrap-up 12/17

People are sick of woke, but they're not done being stupid

This is why some people cannot be taken seriously

A Broadway show may be another signal of the end of woke (Member Exclusive)

Calling out "stochastic terrorism" and diversity training's non-successes

Diversity training does diddly

Rep. Nancy Mace nails it on hypocrisy surrounding "stochastic terrorism" (Member Exclusive)

FBI shenanigans and the media continuing to drop the ball

Not Just FBI Stripping People of Gun Rights

Sam Brinton's history a reason why the media shouldn't be trusted (Member Exclusive)

Trigger warnings and a potential end to hidden legislation

Why we need an end to sneak-attack bills

The truth about trigger warnings (Member Exclusive)

GOP turns on mail-in voting and miniorities can now be white supremacists

Not white? You can still be a white supremacist

Why the GOP is backing off their opposition to mail-in voting (Member Exclusive)

Weekly wrap-up 12/10

Senima's decision to leave Dems interesting

Seattle couple a prime example of the evil of civil asset forfeiture

Meta's new rule not likely to be popular with woke employees

Thank you

A brief hiatus

Weekly wrap-up for 12/3

I guess we need to talk about Kanye

EU wants to force Twitter to engage in censorship

Biden plans to railroad the railroad workers

Threat against gay nightclub in Atlanta illustrates why waiting is a good thing

Even daylight savings time is racist

Weekly Wrap-Up for 11/26

This is why they think you're a racist

San Fran's election director fired because he’s white

1619 creator proves punching down is just fine

Journalist thinks Trump's Twitter return will kill people

Weekly Wrap-up for 11/19

The perverse incentive to act woke

GOP should recalibrate their priorities

The digital dollar should scare the hell out of all of us

Border sheriffs call out Kamala's lie

And this is why I'm a homeschool dad

Weekend Wrap-up for 11/12

How a nobody made national headlines

Dems made their bed, now they get to lie in it

MSNBC doesn't understand gerrymandering

No, Democracy isn't on the ballot today

Chinese government operates police stations on US soil

How Stacey Abrams-founded group discussed digging for racism

Let's put "political violence" in perspective

I guess it's only misinformation when the right believes it

You want to talk "amnesty" then start here

DHS, FBI working against free speech

Woke feeling backlash at Cambridge University

Democrats quick to throw blame

Twitter employees apparently taking up comedy in open letter to Musk

This is why we should all have trust issues

Inflation has real consquences for real people

Med school oaths have history of pushing politics above healthcare

University of Minnesota med school has Woke-ocratic Oath

Inflation and college degrees

Why transwomen in women's sports is a problem

And they claim there were no election irregularities?

It's not a protest, it's a tantrum

Why governmental power must be minimal

Now doctors the ones imperiled by attempt to crack down on "misinformation"

Doctor's groups want to imprison those who disagree with them

Biden likely to land in hot water over latest transgender policy decision

PayPal got reminder that it's not all-powerful

Not even 4-H is immune to the infection

Let them eat bugs...or whatever else they can scrounge

When the tin foil isn't just for fashion

She's not the first diversity chief to make anti-white comments

When few control the flow of information, we all suffer

The rise of a new aristocracy

How schools create victims

Don Lemon put in his place over climate change question

Only the woke don't know they're over

Jewish leaders excluded from conference on hate crimes

Stacey Abrams comment illustrates media hypocrisy

Shaun King officially outed as grifter

It seems Biden knows his student loan/vote buying scheme is illegal

Why Hollywood won't stop race-swapping

When some stories are too good to fact check

Administration's failings hurting American troops

Why there will be no peace in our time with the left

Why 'everyone gets a trophy' isn't actually the problem

Democrat moves threaten any media not in their camp

No, AOC, there's a different reason you won't be president

Pro-commie meme a prime example of simplistic thinking

They don't make educators like him anymore

Even the media has issues with Biden's speech

Biden taunts pro-gun folks with comments

Sacked FBI agent solely responsible, or just a scapegoat?

Why forgive loans without solving underlying issue?

Biden is buying votes with our money

When "offensive material" is off limits

Is it "extremism" if it's mainstream?

Robert Reich keeps pushing Dems' Big Lie

A glimpse into the lack of diversity in college faculties

Why there can't be civil discourse

Families fleeing Portland's descent into chaos

Electric rebate for cars produces result anyone could have foreseen

The double-edged sword of "academic freedom"

The handwriting is on the wall

Larry Elder asks a great question

Why it's hard to buy the official story on Mar-A-Lago raid

Biden's Department of Labor threatens to end me

How is a "merit system" unjust? A couple academics want to educate us as to how

When a middle school students schools people on how to fight back

How the media has lost its power

Press Secretary's comments on "unconstitutional" decision hilarious

More evidence of how 1/6 committee is a joke

Not all racism is created equal

Anti-Defamation League attacked for abandoning its principles

More evidence of Biden's corruption

Why people become rock stars after they flip politics

The truly inconvenient truths

Are we entering the cannibalism era?

The crappiest part of leftist policies

Is joining the military worse than porn?

Gun control proponents let the mask slip

When Europeans think they understand the US

Anthropologists to be barred from identifying sex of remains?

When lefty scholars land in right-wing think tanks

California bill would allow parents to sue others for their mistakes

The Hill asks the dumbest question possible

On race and breakfast tacos

Why all's quiet on the Western Front

The future of the "Liberal World Order" can kiss me where the sun don't shine

Bruen already paying dividends

More reasons no one should take J6 testimony seriously

The threats you pray are promises

When rights depend on one's ideology

Boycotts aren't protected speech? According to a federal court, they're not

Once rising Democratic star now indicted in federal court

The Navy doubles down on bad ideas

Gas station shuts down sales to protest fuel prices

Socialist rag wants to nationalize dating apps

NY Times Insider: Biden is too old

Why the left doesn't handle disagreement

Why no one cares about 1/6

Media learning that bias doesn't sell

It's never about the issue, but about control

Is "trans" more of a generational issue?

How you know the left isn't serious about saving lives

New York Times: Maybe inflation ain't so bad after all

Biden utilizes Defense Production Act for solar panels?

Equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity

The last vestiges of fact-checker integrity

Justice for Johnny

10 Years

Remembering the fallen

The right to be an a**hole

Why monkeypox is really a non-issue

Why any flavor of authoritarianism must be destroyed

Stacey Abrams tries to spin high voter turnout as "suppression"

Women can't think for themselves?

Brown University displays privilege paradox

Census screw-up favors blue states? Shocking

Woke medicine

The glories of capitalism

Middle school forces "diversity" training over unsubstantiated claims of racism and how that sort of thing led to Buffalo shooting

Pedophile apologist hired by Johns Hopkins child abuse center

This is why the media cannot be trusted

Who decides?

Capitalism doesn't need nice people

Is censorship on social media a First Amendment issue after all?

The Importance Of Mothers

Is the climate scare train starting to derail?

Charleston abandons housing price controls for a good reason

No, repeal of Roe vs. Wade doesn't mean "government-mandated pregnancy."

Why everyone should be concerned over SCOTUS leak

Meet the new segregation, same as the old

If not paying for debts is selfish, some people need to pay my credit card bills

The White House has no business talking about disinformation

Amber Heard illustrates that women can be toxic too

From the "No Sh**" files

Boston College Psychologist Calls Public School "Toxic"

Happy National Compost Your Girlfriend Day

Why CNN+ Is Already A Thing Of The Past

Biden's Broken Record

The Big Questions About Amy Schumer's Supposed Death Threats

The Vile Nature Of The CRT Movement

Weaponized Sympathy

Why Some Are Melting Down Over Musk's Offer To Buy Twitter

Why It's A Legal System, Not A Justice System

Why You Can't Trust Government With Money

Even Labor Unions Starting To Admit Protectionism Has Problems

Politics, Wealth, And Why They Don't Care About You

Left Attacks Vet Over Student Loan Debate

Is Harvard Guilty Of Discrimination AGAIN?

Substack Call For Applications Is Based

Washington Post Admits What We Already Knew

Reality Is The Real April Fools Joke

MIT Recognizes Reality Over Woke Platitudes

Unhinged University Administrators Compare IVF Pregnancy To Rape

North Korea Illustrates Yet Another Issue With Socialism

Sorry, Bill Gates, I Will Not Exist Off Synthetic Meat

Marx's Name Being Yanked The Least Of What Should Happen

Left Working To Alienate Hispanics

If GOP Doesn't Make Right Moves, More Problems Ahead

The Daily Wire Knows How To Win Culture War

Professor Reported For Stating Facts On Race Relations

The Line Between Cancel Culture And Free Association

Example #2,943 Why Academia Is Doomed

Why Allegations Should NEVER Be Enough

Understanding Robin Hood

This Is Why Some People Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Biden Administration Ready To Screw Poor People

Liberals Bash College Girl, Proving Her Right

Elon Musk Willing To Take One For The Team

Russia Today Shut Down Is Beautiful News

I'm A Bad Person

Socialist Group Enters New Level Of Dumb

Russia, China, And The United States

It's Time For US To Re-Establish Energy Dominance

White House Blames China For Its Failures

Canadian Hypocrisy

Not All Republicans Are Worthy Of Trust, Either

How Publishing Seeks To Rewrite History

Media Clings To Democrats' Dying Hopes

The Death Of Woke

Big Tech Giant Wants Government Censorship

WrongThink Cannot Be Tolerated At Universities

When Those Who Understand Communism Are Silenced

When "Freedom" Is Problematic, Discussion Ends

ABC News Treats Free Association Like Jim Crow

DoD Needs To Get Priorities Straight

You Simply Cannot Parody The Biden Administration

When Terms Mean Nothing

Why "Anti-Work" Is Anti-Reality

Ricky Gervais Is A Freaking Legend

The Double Edge of Double Standards

Wanting Your Rights Untouched Same As Human Sacrifice

Context Matters, Which Is Why Media Tries To Hide It

Games Journalists Play

Hope Neil Young Will Remember, Spotify Don't Need Him Around Anyhow

Meritocracy Is Only Discriminatory If You're A Bigot

This Is Not How You Address Your Labor Shortage

University Proves It Doesn't Understand Orwell

If You Need Inclusivity In Your Candy, Seek Help

If This Is The Civility We Were Lacking, Hard Pass

Big Tech Wants To End Copyright

Is That A Social Construct In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

No Sports Mascot Is Safe

Another Layer On The Threat From China

The Co-opting Of Institutions

This Is Not How "Conspiracy Theories" About Cover-Ups Die

Voting Rights Really Are Under Attack

It's Never Been About Justice, Just Punishment

Why Manchin Can Afford To Burn It All

The Lies We've Been Told

Professor Forced Into Diversity Training For Not Using Slurs

Supply Chain Issues Didn't End At Christmas