What you don't see in the headlines are the kids, or entire classes full of kids that will absolutely take over the classrooms with the teachers helpless to do anything because school policy lets them get away with it. I have friends still in the classroom and every year it gets worse.

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The political garbage is bad enough but I've heard too many horror stories about how the public schools handle (actually don't handle) students being bullied.

Things like kids being punished for fighting back, etc.

The only times that the public schools seem concerned about bullying is when the "victims" are "special people".

IE, when minorities, gays or trans are the victims. They don't worry about regular kids being bullied.

Of course, when it's a white kid being bullied by black kids, then it's the Fault of the white kid.

And then, if a bunch of girls harass a boy, then the schools say that it's the boy's fault. (Talk to Sarah Hoyt about the girls who harassed her son and the school's reaction.)

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