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Jun 14, 2022·edited Jun 14, 2022Liked by Tom Knighton

I think the real takeaway here - one that many who immediately opposed "stakeholder" management rather than shareholders - is that being woke actually doesn't pay.

These outfits kept leaning further thinking that they were capturing that next block of advertising targets by being inclusive. Instead, while they grabbed just a few new customers - because that's what TV watchers, radio listeners, and other media absorbers are - they drove out others. The ones who were already paying the bills.

CNN is just the first. Disney is teetering. Exxon has taken direct counteraction, directing all offices to NOT fly the rainbow flag. As the saying goes, "Get Woke - Go Broke."

Ultimately, the faltering bottom lines will be the only thing that motivates these outfits to change their ways, media or otherwise. Because, despite their Marxist rhetoric, it really is all about the Benjamins. As it should be.

Which is the reason they began catering to the fringe. It just turned out that they were wrong about how it would impact their profits.

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