Sitemap - 2021 - Tilting At Windmills

Understanding Freedom And Work

Using Claims Of Sexism To Attack Those Defending Women's Sports

Elon Musk's Holy War Against Wokeness

Did Spider-Man Send Hollywood A Message?

Note To Dems: Manchin Isn't All-Powerful

Economic Fairness For Thee, But Not For She

"Rocket Scientists," Studies, And Hard Work

Because Some Opinions Are More Equal Than Others

No Wonder CNN Tried To Denounce Pedophilia Fears As Conspiracy Theories

Reuters Feeds Racial Tensions With Outright Lies

New Zealand's New Smoking Ban Is A Trainwreck In The Making

From The "Democrats Are Tolerant" Files...

Arizona State Stands Firm By Rittenhouse

Welcome To The Return Of Segregation

Why People Lie About Their Ethnicity

Chris Cuomo Gets Non-Punishment

Kyle Rittenhouse Needs To Get Used To This

How Liberal Hypocrisy Prevents The Liberal Agenda

Inflation Isn't Due To Increased Demand

Why Academia Is Doomed

AMA Wants Doctors To Be Woke, Not Useful

Treasury Nominee's Communist Idea A Trainwreck In The Making

Misinformation Commission Only Concerned When False Info Hurts The Left

Beware Those Who Elevate Duties Over Rights

Media: Inflation Isn't A Big Deal Because You Got Money During Pandemic

FDA Playing Deadly Political Games

BLM Threatens "Bloodshed" If Mayor-Elect Goes Through With Campaign Promise

Joe Rogan Nails It On Black People Who Think For Themselves

MSNBC Tries To Make The Case That Our Current Inflation Is A Good Thing

Supposedly Racist Paper Retracted For Actually Racist Reasons

NBC News Freaks! "Let's Go, Brandon!" Being Used To Sell Guns

Should Military Service Lead To Harsher Punishment For 1/6?

What Last Night's Election Results Really Mean

Liberals Freaking Out Over "Let's Go Brandon" Have Oddly Short Memory

Study Shows Why People Aren't Working

Why Our Society Is Well And Truly Doomed

New Evidence Shows Just How Badly Biden Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Rejecting What Makes Us Better Than Dems Is No Winning Strategy

We Shouldn't Lower Our Expectations Because Of Governmental Screw-Ups

Are We Already At War With China?

NY Post Stands By Report On Hunter. As They Should

When They Lie To Our Face

Why Only A Fool Gets Into Rental Real Estate In NYC

Not Supporting Vaccine Mandates Is Terorrism?

AOC's Most Impressive Tweet

Keeping The Government Out Of My Bank Account

A Nation Of Men, Not Laws

Invading Privacy Just "Part Of The Process"

Why Biden's "Exploration" Of Per-Mile Tax STILL Problematic

Once Again, Media Saying Quiet Parts Out Loud

Psaki, Do You Even Economics, Bro?

Is Army War College Going Woke?

Biden's Hypocritical Anti-Rich Rhetoric Comes Back To Bite Him

Media Outraged Over Media Coverage

Cultural Differences Scuttle Submarine Deal

Media To Tell Us Higher Taxes Are Good For us

Has "Woke" Killed The Comedy?

Diplomacy Is Back...And It's In A Burning Dumpster

"Come And Take It" Cry No Longer Part Of UT San Antonio

Campus Censorship Gets Called Out. No One Cares

How The Free Market Made The Pandemic A Bit Easier

Science And Politics Belong Apart

The Media's Obvious Double Standards Are Obvious

Some Now Pushing $26 Per Hour Minimum Wage

Demographics Aren't The Destiny Democrats Bargained For

Trusting Corporations Versus Unions

Healthcare Is A Right? Suuuuuure.

Pro-Choice Apparently Means Pro-Hysterics, Too

Why Is Cancel Culture Only Bad When It Hits Liberals?

Why No Indigenous Personnel Should Ever Trust The United States Again

Have Attempts To Thwart CRT Ultimately Failed?

Requiescat In Pace

Skepticism On Masks In Part Due To Mask Rule Insanity

America Ceding Ground To China

Why We Need To Fight For The Arts

How Illegal Immigrants Are Intended To Be Perpetual Source Of Underclass

The Left Loves Labor Unions...Until Its Their Companies Faced With Them

Afghanistan Betrays Federal Hypocrisy

Leftist Redefines Terms So Left-Wing Can Never Be Totalitarian

The Only Thing Shocking About Segregated Classrooms Is How Unshocking It Is

CNN: Clown News Network

When You Look For Racism Everywhere, You're Bound To Find It

"Sophisticated" Just Another Name For Not You

How The Free Market Brings Justice

Stop Trying To Make Electric Vehicles Happen. It's Never Going To Happen

The Rule Of Law? That's For Other Presidents

Why Eviction Moratorium Isn't Good For Anyone

The Magical Stupidity Of Thinking "Wage Slavery" Is A Thing

The Worst Part About Kamala Harris' Poll Numbers

China Picking Up Where US Leaves Off Not A Good Thing

The Flawed Reasoning Behind Mask Mandates For Vaccinated People

Schools Trying To Get Critical Race Theory Into Classrooms Under Parents' Noses

July-ish Subscription Sale

When Academia's Anti-Americanism Goes Full Stupid

How Hollywood Could Defeat Communist China, But Won't

What Billionaires Going To Space Really Means

With Professors Like This, No Wonder College Educations Suck

Why I Can't Take Climate Change Seriously

NPR Betrays Its Hypocrisy In Report On The Daily Wire

The Right Seems To Need An Attitude Adjustment

Trust Won't Return Over COVID-19

Leftist Illustrates Why They Should Be Ignored On Transportation

Texas Legislators' Flight Betrays Leftist Hypocrisy

Why The Navy Is Sinking

Kamala Harris Doesn't Know Crap About Rural America

Does Biden Administration Want To Make Everything Their Business?

It's Not The Right That's Made A Fundamental Shift

Symbols of Communism Should Be Regarded Like The Swastika

How Politics In Sports Is About More Than Politics

We Can Still Stand United

Why We're So Divided

Romantic Preferences Aren't Transphobic

The High Cost Of Living On Social Media

Why They'll Never Push Us All Into The City

The Motte And Bailey of Critical Race Theory

Schrodinger's McAfee

The Trauma Of White Privilege

Even Space Is Racist

Elite Attempting To Peddle Poverty As New Way Of Life

The Privilege Of Being Unprivileged

Journalists Are Completely Out Of Touch With America And Reality

Biden's Pick Makes College Riskier For Young Men

Minimum Wage Employees Might Lose Out With $15 Per Hour

Media Company iHeart 'Hearts' Them Some Discrimination

When Good Ideas Go Too Far

How "Woke" Breeds The White Supremacists It Claims To Condemn

Academic Study Frames Whiteness As A "Parasitic-Like Condition."

Is McAllen, TX Mayoral Race A Harbinger Of Things To Come?

One-Way Racism

Proof That Social Media Is Wrong To Squelch Free Speech

The Hypocrisy of Woke

The Misapplied Label Of Racist

Compulsory Charity Isn't Charity

If Biden Wants Healing, He Should Stop Cutting

Memorial Day

Why The New Green Deal Will Always Be DOA

Military Finds Feminist Rhetoric Deluded BS

This Must Be That Male Privilege I Keep Hearing About

Are Schools About Education Or Activism?

Why Few Discussions Should Be Off The Table

Free Speech Is A Thing Of The Past

Just One Inevitable Result Of "Defund The Police"

The Message Is Loud And Clear: Comply Or Be Destroyed

To See Who Has Power, Look At Who You're Unable To Criticize

Destroying Education In The Name Of Equity

The (Security) Games Progressives Play

Why The Left And Right Will Never Find Common Ground

Federal Law Enforcement Stage Bank Heist

The Free Market And Healthcare

You Can Have My AC When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands

Neosegregationists Are Becoming The New Norm

Why Our Current Approach To Work Is Unsustainable

The Smackdown We've All Been Waiting For

Tech Firm Basecamp Is Based Against Woke Employees

Gun "Safety" Group Pushing Smart Gun Technology

Anti-Communist Law Professor May Be Fired

The Publishing Inmates Aren't Running This Asylum

'Unbiased' Media Carrying Water For Their Favorites

Advice Columnist Tries To Tackle Toy Guns And Mass Shootings

How Equity Pulls People Down Rather Than Lifting Anyone Up

There's Nothing 'Manageable' About Minimum Wage Hikes

Biden Administration Seeks To Send Us Deeper Down Critical Race Theory Rabbithole

Oregon Going Full-Stupid With COVID Rules

The Lessons Some Could Learn From One Young Woman

The Double Standard Of Equality

Academia: Criticizing America Is Fine, Just Leave China Alone

The Pushback Against Critical Race Theory

Fauci Making Vaccinations Meaningless

The Macroaggression of Microaggressions

The Only Shocking Thing About 60 Minutes Fiasco

Biden's Infrastructure Plan Truly Anything But

How The Left May Have Saved GA Governor Brian Kemp's Political Career

On Chickens Coming Home To Roost

When Intelligence Is Evil, Only The Moron Is Virtuous

Biden Wants To Make Your Work Life More Difficult

On Vaccination Passports and Voter ID

Critical Race Theory Backers Want To Make It More Difficult To Solve Crimes

Why Everything Is Racist

The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

School Official: Public School a "Privilege Not An Entitlement"

Black Intellectuals Lash Out At Wokeism

When The Cancel Culture Eats Its Own

The War On The Right Continues

You WILL Be On The Right Side Of History

Washington Post Admission Raises Questions About Everything

It's Criticism, Not Harassment, So Stop Squawking About Censorship

The Woke Elite

The Real Answer To 'Problematic' Film Representations

Cuomo Tempts Fate Trying To Dodge Allegations

This Is What Governmental Good Intentions Gets You

Finding The Battle Lines

Fighting Back Against Cancel Culture

There Are Always Two Sides Of The Story

Why The Freakout Over Georgia Voting Bill Is Telling

The Intolerance Of Tolerance

Mainstream Media Gets A Wakeup Call On Campus Stupidity

Let's Talk

The Insidiousness of 'Equity Versus Equality'

The Quest For Space Matters

Teacher's Unions Admit Keeping Schools Closed All About Politics

If Not For Double Standards, They'd Have No Standards At All

When They Say The Quiet Part Out Loud

The Navy's Greatest Failure Since Pearl Harbor

Speech Is Never Violence

The Personal Impact Of The PRO Act

McCarthyism Is Alive And Well

The Contortions Of The Victim Mentality

The Virus Of Woke

Socialist Party Beclowns Itself Via Twitter

Reality Doesn't Care About Progressive Politics

The Assault On Homeschooling

From 'Hero Wage' To Zero Wage

Leftist Pushing For Biden To Appoint 'Reality Czar'

The History Of War And The Wokesters

Intersectionality Has Hit The Stop Sign

GM And California Live In Eco-Powered Dream World

It's Time To Look At Alternatives To Educational Debt

When Memes Are Debate, Only Stupidity Prevails

The Softball Press Is Bad For The Country

War Against 'Domestic Terrorists' Makes Strange Bedfellows

Biden Takes Office And The Rules On COVID change

He Talks About Unity, Then Does Everything But Unify Us

Expect Fear To Be The Presidential Currency

Trotting Out The Tyranny

Raising The Minimum Wage Is A Horrid Idea

Why Politico Might Be The Most Important Publication Right Now

About This Impeachment...

Biden Further Embraces Racism

Are Books The New Battleground?

A Nation Divided

Why There Won't Be Any Unity No Matter What?

What Happened At Capitol About More Than Election

There Needs To Be A Penalty For Journalistic Malpractice

Is Call For Vocational Training Growing

Trump's Conversation With Georgia Secretary Of State Not A Good Look

Happy New Year, May It Be Glorious!