There's A Reason People Suspect Fraud

Especially when you look at some of what's been reported in Georgia alone

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On social media, people are still pontificating on whether election fraud took place or not. President Trump believes it has. Joe Biden’s camp is denying that any such thing took place.

In reality, fraud probably takes place in every election to some degree or another.

However, there are reasons why many Trump supporters are agreeing with the president’s assertions, and it has little to do with Republicans being blind lemmings.

Take, for example, this tweet:

Now, keep in mind that Georgia law requires absentee ballots to be received by the day of the election in order to be valid. That means any mistakes in ballots that could legally be accepted would be ballots already in county hands.

How, pray tell, would anyone go door-to-door and “help” people fix ballots if those ballots aren’t even in these people’s homes?

The easy answer is that they’re hoping to “help” people vote for Biden, then present these supposedly corrected ballots for processing.

Is that the only possible answer, though?

No, but it stinks to high heaven.

Then there’s the matter of observers being sent home while ballot counts continued in secret.

For the record, Mr. Shafer is the Georgia state GOP chairman. Fulton County isn’t the only county where there’s been some funny business reported by Shafer, either.

In and of themselves, no single incident is necessarily enough to believe that an election is being stolen right before our eyes. However, taken as a whole, along with other reported irregularities such as a report out of Arizona claiming voters were handed sharpies to use on ballots when it turns out, sharpies invalidate the ballots.

Of course, some of these stories may well turn out to be innocent misunderstandings. However, no one should just assume that they are. Especially when both sides are seeing the other as an existential threat to all they hold dear.

Democrats have claimed Trump would try to steal this election for months now. Republicans have done the same. It’s not surprising people are suspicious.

Then again, when all of these ballots are seemingly “found” and invariably fall in favor of the Democrat—and that’s not unique to this year, either—you have to forgive people for being skeptical.

I mean, statistically, at least some of those should broken in favor of Republicans, yet they never do. Like ever.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that statistically-improbable things happen more often than, you know, statistics would suggest. If so, I’m very disappointed that Kathy Ireland never called high school-aged me and confessed her love to me.

At the end of the day, we’re all seeing some funny things, so yeah, we’re skeptical when we’re told to ignore our lying eyes. Especially when absentee ballots have simply made fraud that much more simple.

The truth is that fraud is much to easy in our system. The integrity of the electoral process is non-existence and it hasn’t been for quite some time.

So yeah, many on the right aren’t very trusting right now. Frankly, they shouldn’t be.

Regardless, the left will hide behind claims of conspiracy theories and the right won’t trust any Democrat win for the next half a century.

This is damn sure not going to do much to unify our nation, now will it?