The Pushback Against Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is, basically, the idea that white supremacy is not just everywhere, but the driving force behind every legal woe a minority might potentially experience anywhere at any time.

In other words, it’s not a black man’s fault if he sells drugs or steals cars or whatever, it’s because of white supremacy.

Of course, I’m pretty sure they’ll deny that, but just look at what they say elsewhere and you’ll see I’m right.

Meanwhile, it’s all the rage in academia.

Or, more specifically, it was. Now, there’s starting to be some pushback on it from that quarter.

After a University of Vermont professor criticized the notion of “whiteness,” administrators denounced his comments and students called for his resignation. The professor refuses to resign.

In a YouTube video entitled “Racism and the Secular Religion at the University of Vermont,” education professor Aaron Kindsvatter said that “whiteness falls under the umbrella… of critical social justice, and the thinking that informs it is so crude and so lacking in falsifiability.”

He also commented that because the notion of whiteness “speaks so eloquently to our tribal impulses,” the same logic “can easily find its way to desperate persons who need a group to hate and who will adopt the suppositions that inform whiteness towards their own ends.”

Kindsvatter said that he first heard of the term whiteness when “a faculty member offered to help me with it like it was some kind of disease” — an experience that he described as “dehumanizing.”

“Would you please stop reducing my personhood to a racial category in your teachings?” asked Kindsvatter at the end of the video, mentioning that feeling pressure to find wisdom in Ibram X. Kendi and other authors produced a “spiritual sickness” within him.

In fairness, they treat being white like it was some kind of disease because, in their minds, it is. It’s a genetic abnormality that automatically makes someone evil unless they scourge themselves to expunge the genetic sin of “whiteness.”

Which, frankly, is disgusting.

I mean, can you imagine if I reached out to someone and offered to help them with their blackness? People would lose their damn minds and for very good reason. One’s ethnicity isn’t something to be treated, to be purged from one’s existence.

Kindsvatter isn’t budging. Good for him, because he shouldn’t. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

See, what bothers me is how many academics can get away with any manner of vile nonsense that just happens to go along with progressive orthodoxy and they’re protected under the mantel of academic freedom, yet people are calling for Kindsvatter’s head.

Yeah…no. Just no.

The problem here is that critical race theory is premised on an idea that takes the idea of original sin and ramps it up to 11. Plus, it comes not from any Biblical source, but from the minds of people who have every reason to manipulate reality to serve their own purposes.

It’s not surprising that someone stood up. What’s surprising is that more people aren’t.

Then again, it shouldn’t be.

We live in a world where any reaction to opposition to progressive orthodoxy is to scream and yell and call the other person a racist. It’s a way to stifle debate, mostly because they can’t win in a straight-up debate.

Kindsvatter is being called all those things now, of course, which is why they’re calling for his head and pretending it’s different than trying to quash academic freedom. They’re not assaulting academic freedom, just racism.

They’re demented enough to actually believe it, too, and that’s the worst part.

With any luck, this won’t be the last instance of pushback on this nonsense. If not, the world will be a whole lot better.