Teacher's Unions Admit Keeping Schools Closed All About Politics

It’s been almost a year since children were sent home from school as part of the whole “15 days to flatten the curve.” Almost a year since children were cut off from their friends and teachers.

Now, I get the concerns in the early days. We didn’t know how bad the virus would be, so we wanted to protect our kids. I didn’t blink when they told me that my daughter wouldn’t be going back to school for a little while.

So, we got ready for at-home schooling and saw what a trainwreck my local school system made of that.

Regardless, while I opted to begin homeschooling my daughter, others trusted public schools would reopen when it was safe enough.

The thing is, it’s now safe enough and nothing’s happening. Why? The teacher’s unions.

In a tweet on Saturday, the American Federation of Teachers tweeted this:

In other words, this is about politics, not safety.

How can I say that? Because, whether they realize it or not, they admitted as much.

See, these “Republican talking points” mentioned? They’re called “scientific studies,” but don’t take my word for it. This comes from that uber right-wing website The New York Times:

On Tuesday, federal health officials weighed in with a call for returning children to the nation’s classrooms as soon as possible, saying the “preponderance of available evidence” indicates that in-person instruction can be carried out safely as long as mask-wearing and social distancing are maintained.

Federal officials cited the many benefits of in-person schooling for children, and argued for prioritizing their educational, developmental and emotional and mental health needs. “Schools are an important source not just of education, but health and social services for children,” Dr. Honein said.

The call by Dr. Honein and other officials reflects a consensus among some leading educators and public health experts that schools should be the last to close and the first to open when shutdowns are necessary.

Yet AFT wants to call these “Republican talking points” simply because then they can dismiss them.


The kicker?

It seems there are a number of teachers who want to get back into the classroom. There are tons of students who want back in the classrooms. There are tons of parents who want them all to be back in the classrooms.

So who really doesn’t want to be in the classrooms? The American Federation of Teachers.

See, as it stands right now, Democrats don’t want to reopen anything if they can help it. For them, the economy going deeper and deeper into the toilet is a good thing. I don’t know for a fact they’re happy with that, but they have a lot to gain if the economy slumps another quarter or two.

At that point, they can pass a pile of legislation such as an increase in the minimum wage, then reopen the country. While the recovery wouldn’t be as grand as it could have been, there would still be something that looks like a recovery, and Democrats will pat themselves on the back.

But for that to work, everyone on the left has to be on the same page. That includes the unions. For AFT, that means fighting to keep out of the classrooms until the timing is right.

Then, we’ll see Democrat incumbents going on about how they reopened the economy, got our kids back in school, and have us on the road to recovery, all while pretending that they weren’t the ones screaming for everything to be locked down in the first place.

Who cares about studies that make it clear that we can safely reopen schools now? Who cares if those same studies show that teachers aren’t getting infected as long as a few sensible precautions are taken? Doesn’t matter because they’ll still demand the vaccine, knowing damn good and well that will further delay reopening schools, despite there being no real risk.

AFT doesn’t care about students. They never have. Their every move has been about increasing their own power.

By claiming that the move to get teachers back in the classroom is a Republican ploy, they can justify their stall as long as they want. They can side with their Democratic allies and hold off on doing what’s right for our children.

They don’t think they admitted to playing politics, but by calling the science a “Republican talking point,” they really did.