Expect Fear To Be The Presidential Currency

Today is the day. Today is the day that President-elect Joe Biden becomes president.

Biden inherits the presidency amid a pandemic and civil strife, but he knew that. He campaigned on both of those issues, parroting the lines the media had pounded into people about what all of this meant.

Which is pretty much what we all knew.

After he was elected, though, things got interesting. You see, the Capitol protest that got out of hand gave the incoming administration a golden opportunity. It gave them the chance to build up the best of all political currencies. It gave them fear.

If we look back to 9/11, many of us remember the aftermath. While part of it was most definitely a renewed sense of patriotism and community, there was also a lot of fear. We worried about another attack. We were terrified we’d see more such death and destruction.

We were scared.

Now, though, the specter of terrorism has faded. We’ve pounded Al Quida into the ground to the point that it’s about as terrifying as the Rotary Club. Isis isn’t much better off, really. We’re winning the war on terrorism, though we’ll never actually win it.

It doesn’t matter, though, because the Capitol gave Biden the excuse he desperately needed. He has a nation scared of insurrection, all because of some broken windows and scared journalists and politicians.

I’ve never excused what happened at the Capitol. I understand it, but I’ve never excused it. Yet I’m also realistic about what it was. It was never an insurrection.

For the Biden administration, that’s a triviality that’s completely irrelevant. They need the American people afraid.

At first, I suspect they were going to focus on using the pandemic as their catalyst for fear, but that wouldn’t really have worked. By now, people aren’t afraid of COVID-19, they’re annoyed by it.

So, they needed something else and this is even better.

With the fear of insurrection around every corner, the Biden administration can justify his gun control agenda by saying he’s trying to disarm insurrectionists. He can restrain the media from sharing certain stories the government deems to be lies. He can abuse the First Amendment almost as badly as he’s abused the Second throughout the years.

And a lot of the American people will roll over and accept it. They’ll buy into the fear because the media will hound them with it for however long it takes.

With that fear, Biden and his people will try to beat any opposition into silence, calling defense of the Constitution disloyalty and insurrection, just as they have with those who opposed certifying election results—a legal mechanism put in place for a damn reason.

We’re going to spend the next four years dealing with terror, even if it’s imagined.

As per usual, any mass shooter will get labeled a Trump supporter if there’s even an inkling of similarity in thinking. After all, the individual who committed the mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart opposed illegal immigration, but from an environmentalist standpoint, meaning he had as much, if not more, in common with a Joe Biden as he had with a Donald Trump.

The media glossed that part over, though, and they’ll continue to do so.

They’ll stoke the flames of fear with everything they can manage, all because they know the American people will turn to the government to save them.

For the left, the best part of this strategy is that it doesn’t depend on Biden surviving his presidency. His successor can pick up the mantle and carry it forward.

Because let’s be honest here, the mainstream media isn’t going to call them on it. Even after restrictions on the media, they’ll allow it. They’ll throw up some token resistence to such a notion, but they know the target are networks like One America News and NewsMax, not them.

Instead, they’ll keep fanning the flames.

Get ready, because it’s going to be a long four years.