AOC's Most Impressive Tweet

It's impressive, but probably not in the way she intended

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez is typically mocked for not being that bright. Then again, she’s a socialist, so the proof of her lack of intelligence is kind of there for everyone to see.

She’s not even “socialist” in the sense that she’s a liberal who the right calls a socialist because her policies go too far. No, she’s an avowed socialist.

Like I said, not that bright.

However, earlier today she tweeted something that was pretty impressive.

First, she’s right. Healthcare is not an entitlement.

From there, though, pretty much everything else goes off the rails. I mean, this is a sitting member of Congress, a second-term representative from the most populated city in the country.

And this is what New York City has subjected the rest of us to.

First, she shows she doesn’t even understand what an entitlement is nor what a right is.

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An entitlement is something that people are entitled to. They don’t necessarily have to earn it. Medicare and Medicaid, for example, may have thresholds people must cross in order to receive benefits, but it’s not a matter of earning anything. With Medicare, that threshold is simply being old enough. Medicaid is more about having a low enough income.

If we had something like single-payer healthcare, that would make it an entitlement.

However, then Ocasio-Cortez goes on to claim healthcare is a right, and that’s just completely off the rails.

See, the issue here is that it being a right would require the ability to demand something from private individuals who may not wish to provide it.

Healthcare isn’t something that can exist in a vacuum. It requires the actions of others. For healthcare to be a right, it would require doctors, nurses, x-ray techs, and so on to work regardless of their wishes.

Now, imagine a world where the doctors don’t want to treat anyone anymore. Not a single doctor.

What then?

If healthcare is a right, then we somehow have a right to press all those physicians into service against their will. They’ll have no choice in the matter.

This, however, is called slavery. We have determined this runs counter to human rights. I mean, we fought a whole war over it and everything.

Yet if that’s true, then how can healthcare be a right?

The answer, of course, is that it’s not and Ocasio-Cortez is just living up to the image she has with the right of being a complete and total idiot. Then again, stuff like this is why that happens in the first place.